Teresa i Maciej

06 / 06 / 2018

When we selected the destination for our wedding in south Poland we

 knew we needed some help as we both live in London.

 After googling for a bilingual wedding planner we chose Agata.

 Agata was great. Always calm and always attentive. She helped us by

 providing us with a selection of venues. When we had agreed a short

 list she met us in Poland and drove us around the then snowy mountain


 In the lead up to the wedding Agata

 organised everything from a distance. From a tiny photo of our

 bridesmaids dresses Agata organised all our flowers and decorations.

 We got a great cake and attention to all those details.

 We got a bilingual celebrant and help

 with writing our vows. All fantastic!!

 We had an amazing day. I recommend

 Agata 100 percent.




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